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Ayurveda is an intricate system of healing that originated in India thousands of years ago. We can find historical evidence of Ayurveda in the ancient books of wisdom known as the Vedas. In the Rig Veda, over 60 preparatison were mentioned that could be used to assist an individual in overcoming various ailments. The Rig Veda was written over 6,000 years ago, but really Ayurveda has been around even longer than that. What we see is that A yurveda is more than just a medical system. It is a Science of Life. We are all part and parcel of nature. Just as the animals and plants live in harmony with nature and utilize the Laws of Nature to create health and balance within their beings, we, too, adhere to these very same principles.

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The Shirodharatechnique soothes and invigorates the sense and the mind. A total feeling of wellness rental clarity and comprehension is experienced in this process. This is lent of several diseases connected with the head, neck, eyes, ears, and throat and helpful against insomnia.

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A special type of oil massage in which the body is stroked in different ways according to the body condition. It is very useful in diabetics, obesity, low back pain, all sorts of body pains and for general health improvement. It removes toxins from the body, clear intelligence and alertness of senses, improves sexual ability, efficiency of digestion, absorption and excretion

Medicated Steam Bath
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Medicated wet vapours are used to induce sweat all over the body. It makes your skin healthy, relieves you of general body aches, improves blood circulation, helps you in reducing weight, and drains toxins from deep tissues.

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This is an immune-enhancing rejuvenation therapy and is made use in convalescence period of injury and trauma, muscular wasting, arthritis general weakness, paralysis, pains related to the joints and sore muscles etc.

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Yoga is a complex system that focuses on harmony between body and mind. Yoga derives its philosophy from Indian metaphysical beliefs. The word yoga comes from Sanskrit language and means union or blend. The ultimate aim of this philosophy is to strike a balance between mind and body and attain self-enlightenment. To achieve this, yoga uses movement, breath, posture, relaxation and meditation to establish a healthy balanced approach to life.